Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hemming a lil' somethin' for you...

(a little gift above for you to share with a friend)

I so very much want to say thank you to everyone for the kind emails, comments and prayers.

Gosh, for the life of me I can't remember exactly how it goes, but I heard a quote somewhere once, that went a little something like this..
"..always remember, a good friend was once a stranger.."
or something very close to that..

Thank you all for being good friends, and no longer strangers.. xox

I am on a mission, to make a thought that my sister had, come true.
She had mentioned, through heavy tears, how nice it would be to set up a non-profit charitable foundation, in her son's name, that could be a place that folks could donate their old music books, music sheets, or even maybe an unused instrument, that could go to someone who might not have the funds or means, to pursue their love of music.

I will spend the next few days, figuring out how to make this thought a reality..
Please forgive me if I am a little slow in commenting, or answering emails. I truly would love to devote the next few days to brainstorming this project and bring a little sunshine into her life. If anyone has set up a non-profit charitable foundation, I would be so grateful for tips or advice on a starting point.

With much love,
Jobeth xox


  1. Jobeth,
    continued prayers for you and your family. May the love of our dear Lord guide you in your quest to make this project come to be.

  2. What a sweet thing to do for your sister.

  3. What a fantastic tribute to your nephew...I think this is just wonderful.
    I only wish I had an instrument or music to donate.
    I know this will happen...you have such a 'will'.

    What a sweet Graphic you are sharing with all of us...I love the thought.
    Hugs, karen

  4. Jobeth, What an amazing thing to do. I have been praying for your whole family and doing a
    tribute for your nephew is a beautiful thing and will help others in need!
    I do have some music books that I could donate just let me know when I can and how you want me to help!!

    Please give my love to your sister and let her know as a mother myself that I am praying for her and feel her pain in her heart but she is an amazing woman to do such a thoughtful tribute for her son!

    It would be my HONOR to donate some music books, our oldest is 18 and is going to college and he plays the guitar and I told him your story and he said right away he would give some of his music books to help and am so proud, my husband and I are so lucky to have two great thoughtful and loving sons.I know we are doing something right!!!

    Blessings to you and your family