Thursday, August 19, 2010

Curtain swap anyone?... This is what I have....

I don't know if anyone is feelin' a swap, but if you are,
please just let me know! I would love to send those
dark red valances off to a new good home and swap them
for something in cream, mustard, pumpkin, or even
something I haven't thought of yet! lol
Surprise me! You all are so talented and have
tons of great ideas! I would LOVE to hear any thoughts
you might have! I do know how to sew on a machine,
so if you have some ideas for something that I could make,
then I'd love to hear that as well!

I will be so excited tonight wondering if anyone
wants to swap or has ideas..

We will be attending my daughter's
High School Freshman open house tonight,
so I won't be able to peek in until tomorrow morning..
But, I will stop in as soon as
I wipe the sleep out of my peepers...
Oh, and grab some coffee!

Thank you for taking the time to peek in!
With love,


  1. Hey Jobeth, I have 2 pumpkin scalloped valances that I changed out. To me they look burgandy but not as red. I posted a picture on my blog 2 posts ago when I went to prairie curtains. The picture doesn't show the true color but if you are interested in them, you can have them. Let me know if you want me to send you a better picture via email. I don't need any more curtains though, you can just have them...

  2. Well what a nice gesture Robyn....and they sound like they just might work for her.
    Wish I had some suggestions Jobeth - I'm window challenged since all I can see is Tobacco Cloth panels. Seems my brain won't get past those.
    Try what Robyn is offering - sounds good1

    Hugs, Karen

  3. Oh my gosh Robyn!! That is just so sweet and thoughtful! I just dropped over to your gorgeous blog! Robyn, I love the pumpkin color of the valances and I think the way they are scalloped is just adorable! I would LOVE to try them in my windows. I must insist that I send you a gift or pay for all expenses to ship the valances to me! I would not want you to go out of your way anymore then you have to!
    Robyn, your valances look like they would be just so perfect in some smaller windows that are off of the tv room. The color and shape would be just perfect! Robyn, I must send you a gift for them though! I think that I know just the thing for the upcoming Fall season!

    Karen, I have to say, I love.... LOVE your tobacco cloth panels.. LOVE THEM. I have thought over and over how perfect that look would be in the tv room, but would kick myself if I copied your beautiful idea and you caught a glimps of your curtains in my tv room and it upset you in anyway! If I made a few of your panels I know they would never look as beautiful as yours but I sure do love the look of your windows so very much that with your blessing, I would give my sewing machine a good work out trying to achieve that look! xox

    I was thinking if Robyn didn't mind, that maybe I would try her lovely valances in the smaller windows in a connecting room and try my hand at making some longer ones for the tv room. We get some pretty bright afternoon sun in that room so it's nice to be able to close the woods blinds and filter the light through long curtains.. (I am not a big fan of the wood blinds, the builder put them in every window of our house. My husband likes them for privacy and I am grateful they arent mini-blinds) they aren't sOOooo bad I guess... I would love to get some large plantation shutters in the windows! whew!

    Thank you so much Robyn and Karen for dropping over and helping me out with my little curtian issue! Did you happen to see the WHITE ELEPHANT in my tv room? The big opening the builders made for a television above the fireplace... Oh my gosh.... I am trying to convince my husband we need to extend the 'look' of the fireplace up and put doors on it. I am also very eager to put wood over the ceramic tiles of the fireplace.. I think I have issues with ceramic tiles and I'm not sure why! lol

    All my love,
    me xox