Friday, August 13, 2010

Giveaway day! The winner is.....

The winner was picked using the random.org
thinga'ma'bobbin random number picker'ma jiggy..

Thank you so very much, each and every sweetie-heart
one of you. I surely do appreciate you taking the
time out of your busy day to join the Giveaway and
leave me a wonderful comment..

I am so thrilled to have made such
wonderful new friends!

I wish that I had a gift for everyone,
I truly do! I even mentioned it to
my husband last night. I told him
that it makes me feel bad that there
will only be one winner in the morning, and that
it doesn't seem very hospitable of me
not to have a gift for everyone..

It was then that he kindly reminded me of my
 7 beautiful children and the long school clothes shopping and
school supply list we have awaiting us for 5 of them this weekend..

I was a little worried that he was about to say that
money doesn't grow on trees... and that we aren't the
Rockefellers... but he was understanding and simply
just said "well, I guess that means you'll just have to
have another giveaway soon."

Ok, I like that idea!

With love,
Jobeth xoxo


  1. congrats to Dan!!! You lucky dog!!! Have a great day! OLM

  2. Congatulations to Dan! I'm sure these wonderful goodies will look awesome displayed throughout their home!

  3. It was a fun giveaway! And Dan is a lucky blogger! ;)

    You are so fortunate to win Jobeths wonderful treasures. I hope Erma is okay with this being she has collected them for so long and has undoubtedly cherished them as well.

    Jobeth you have such a sweet and thoughtful husband - he knew just what to say to make it all better!

    Hugs, Karen

  5. Hurray for Dan for winning the loot! Hurray for the rest of us because it was actually fun just to enter! Hurray for JoBeth because she is such a positive, happy, refreshing, and especially thoughtful person!

  6. Jobeth~

    Oh my gosh! I am cannot believe I won! I am so excited! I promise your goodies will have a wonderful home! I will email you right away! Thanks again!


  7. Congrats Dan!!!!! You are so LUCKY!! I know you will find the perfect home for each of your goodies! Jobeth thank you for hosting such a fun giveaway.


  8. Jobeth,
    Thanks for coming by,and your kind comment, we are still waiting...

  9. Congrats Dan...Now we all know you will find an awesome place to put Miss Erma and her fun box of treasures.Now do'nt let those cute little pups of your eat that Tart.They might get a BellyAche!!! lol!!!