Saturday, September 18, 2010

A blog affair?..Oh my!

I would like to share with you a very special
piece of my heart.

One morning as I sat down to work on Josh's bog, I received the most wonderful and unexpected email. It was from a nice lady named Melissa. She explained that she follows my blog and just wanted to send me an email to let me know that she was thinking of me and hoped my absence was for happy reasons and not worrisome. Of course she worded it way more beautifully and eloquently then I am able to recreate in this lil' post. It touched me so very much. It was almost as if fate took control and gave me a hug when I was feeling blue working on my nephew's blog. I emailed her back to thank her for such kindness and I think the flood gates opened and before I knew it, I found myself explaining to her all about Josh's blog and how much it meant to my heart to get it started. She returned my email with her gentle kind words knowing exactly what to say to once again give me a warm hug. I shared the blog with her and was so comforted knowing she would not view his blog as a stranger peeking in but as a cherished family friend, visiting our Josh's blog with a warm heart and knowing what he meant to his family. She once again returned my email in her same comforting gentle words, but this time she truly surprised me and gave me goosebumps on my arms.. She asked if she could make a donation towards one of the items we had up to raise money for all the legalities it takes to make a future foundation in Josh's name so that one day, it can be an official, non-profit foundation. I was completely blown away at her generosity in reaching out to a family that she had never met, to make a donation. Not only did she make a donation, but along with her donation money, she sent me a gift. I wanted to share this story of Melissa with all of my friends here and ask that you wish her a happy thought. I can't even begin to thank Melissa, and all of you for being the most thoughtful, supporting, caring and loving group of wonderful people in the whole world. I truly cherish all of you. I really, really do.
xoxo Thank you.

Ms. Melissa is from Libbie's Home!
I JUST found this out!
I tell ya what, it is most certainly true,
some of the most wonderful friends and loving people
that I have had the pleasure of getting to know,
are the amazing gals (and our Mr. Dan too!)
right here in our lovely blog community!
I just adore you all!

AHH! I forgot to mention TALENTED!
You all are so very talented too!
My goodness, I could go on and on!


  1. Hi sweetie..I have been wondering where you were at.What a sweet story..and a sweet ..sweet lady.God sent you your own personal Angel sweetie...or maybe Josh sent her to you? Whatever the case may be..I'm so glad she found you...and is there w'm thinking when you need her the most. I'm thinking about you Jo..take care.. and Big hugs to you!!

  2. Hello Dear Jobeth, I too have been wondering what had happened to you. What a sweet thing for you to do for your nephew. May the Lord bless you in your endeavor. Thanks to the Lord for people like Melissa. May she always be so sensitive to what the blessed Father is whispering to her heart to do. May we all be ever so keen to His leading. So glad everything else is okay. Hope you have a great day.
    Y'all take care, Linda

  3. Hey Jobeth! I'm glad you have found such nice spots for the little goodies I sent you.
    I think Linda has it right - I listened to what was whispered to my heart to do. And it's a major life goal to be better about that, too. I'm too often guilty of thinking the nice thing to do, but not acting on it. I'm so glad I acted on it for you! Hugs to you. :)