Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hello everyone!! XOXO

My goodness I can't even tell you how excited I was to log in today and see 6 wonderful friends joined my humble little blog here! Welcome welcome! I was so excited that I had to run out to the garage to tell my husband! He is busy out there cutting wood for me so that I can share some fun projects with you all while he is away playin' Army man very soon. It sure does help pass the long evenings while he is away to have projects to work on after the children are nestled in bed.
I better get all my house chores done over here so that I can hurry back and post a few new things that I
have ready for you all!
I just had to say hello and good morning first though!

I will have to share a picture looking out my back yard window of the 'snow storm we had here in North Carolina over the night. Having grown up in Michigan, I still chuckle a lil' at what my southern friends call a
'snow storm'... (I will whisper this so I don't offend my southern friends but - shhh but- there is only about an inch of snow in my area.. I can still see grass.. ) All of my northern friends are shaking their heads I know..

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  1. LOL, I know just what you are talking about...we have relatives in Raleigh who think a 1 inch snow is a STOREM..but I guess if you don't get to drive much in something like that it can be a bit frightning.
    Love your picture to depict the HORRIBLE STORM....lol

    CONGRATULATIONS ON GETTING MORE FOLLOWERS...ya gotta get your name on others blogs! So get out there and start following and add their links here...that's how to do it!