Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shhhh.. sometimes going green puts a lil' bee in my bonnet..

I wanted to sneak in one more post about a little pet peeve of mine...
Those darn energy saver light bulbs.. Now I do love the fact that they help the earth and save a little money, but they aren't the cutest bulbs on the block' are they.. sigh
When we moved into our new home here, my husband loaded us all into the truck and we headed off to Home Depot to buy new door locks and handles (which I enjoyed picking out) but then.... also a cart full of the CFL light bulbs to replace every single bulb in the house..

Now, a year and a half ago they didn't have the 'warm white version. The only option at the time was the (ughh) crisp white.. Which isn't the most flattering light I must say..
Since these light bulbs will last 10,000 million years I am stuck with the harsh light until they burn out by a natural death...

I was thinking I might try (gulp) dipping them in the prim little silicone mix to give them a lil' prim look?
I know I know! It sounds scary! The thought of what could go wrong scares me also! But I think it might be worth a shot and a ton easier then trying to convince my husband we should respend another small fortune and re-replace all the crisp white bulbs with the warm white version..
I will keep you updated!

P.S. Do you want to know how much I love all of you?
Well, I have been typing away here keeping my 22 month old busy next to me in his high chair.
So far while typing, we have played peek-a-boo, ate Cheerios, and did a little coloring with toddler crayons and paper... The paper didn't last very long.. It seems he enjoys expressing his artistic ability much more when paper isn't involved.. He has made quite the masterpiece right on his highchair tray.
I love you all enough to let him do that while I finished saying my lil' blog hello knowing I will be scrubbing the crayon off his tray shortly! lol
I hope everyone has a wonderful day!
Much love,
Jobeth xoxoxox


  1. Morning Jobeth...I have to agree with you completely. I detest these bulbs...I just don't get the light from them that a traditional bulb gives...when it says it is a 75 watt bulb - it sure doesn't give off that kind of light...you need more lights on in the room just to get good reading light.
    I don't like the looks of them either kiddo....I guess the right thought is there but what a rigmarol one has to go through if one breaks - it's like HAZMAT has to come in! lol

    I'm off to read your comments below on your wonderful goodies you bought from me...thanks for posting them.

    I also tried to get you on my site but Google was doing maintainence....but you are there now!

    Hugs, Karen

  2. Oh my goodness Karen it is such a treat to have a visit from you! Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to stop over!
    Ohhhh I agree with you about the dimness of the energy saver bulbs! My husband put them out in the garage also and it takes at least 5 minutes for those puppies to warm up and fully light the garage in the cooler months. Of course I am a big chicken and hate going out there at night (while he is away deployed) to let the puppy out to go potty. When I first turn those lights on they have the creepiest dim light! whew!

    Thank you so much for adding my humble lil' blog to your site. It truly means so much to me that you enjoy peeking in over here!

  3. I too have those bulbs in my "new" house and I found that they now make them more attractive. Expensive, but attractive. I bought some for the hanging lights that are round, and not curly. They look more like a regular bulb. I think I paid $12 for two? Don't remember, but it was worth it since they look lots better.
    Love your blog! Came here from Karen's. I'll keep checking back.


    p.s. tell your hubby thanks for helping to protect us!