Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hello new friends! xoxox

Oh my gosh! Blogging is a new thing for me so please forgive me and the dust here while I figure out how everything works! whew! I am slowly but surely working on resizing photos of our prim and colonial inspired house to share. I have loved this style of decorating for as long as I can remember. I am so excited to share crafting and decorating ideas with new friends and talented, inspiring kindred spirits. I refer to myself as an 'old school crafter lol.. I can remember the first time I saw the silicone dipped bulbs, probably over 15 years ago and trying to figure out how it was done and then triumphantly dipping night light bulbs in silicone filled Dixie cups late at night - wondering how to hang them after the fact lol. Whew! I have experienced many trials and tribulations along my crafting way.. I am also excited to add the blogs of the talented ladies I have spent many mornings and evenings haunting their blogs and feeling their inspiration. xoxo Thank you!
I also must mention how very inspired I am by Netty Lacroix.. I cannot express enough how beautiful I think her work is. I fell in love with her patterns the very first time I purchased one and it arrived in the mail. I remember holding it in my hands and it felt like Christmas morning. The attention to every hand touched detail was charming beyond words. I adored the paper heart and dried herb sprig that was tied around the pattern and display it in my crafting area to remind me of her inspiration. I truly strive to pass along the magical feeling to my customers that she so graciously gives...
I am thrilled to share ideas and meet new friends. Living a military life can be a lonely little place while my husband is away so I truly welcome your friendship!
With much love,

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