Friday, June 25, 2010

50 hours without my makeup and girdle....

My goodness! Hello everybody!
  I am near’about off my seat here with excitement to fill you all in on what I have been up too! It has taken me about 50 hours of sweat & tears, designin’ and building the new Primfills’ dot com, which will open up on July 1st! Whew! I am thrilled to be able to invite you all, via’ the World Wide Web, to the plantation. (Ok, ok, I forgot to mention, down here in the South it’s important to refer to your house as "The Plantation" no matter how small your house may be.) Right now, I am just finishing up the last touches on some very special items, that I have made, before I take pictures and add them to the site for purchase. I will let you all in on a few hints of what is to come…. I know I can tell you because I have heard through the washline that y’all know how to keep a secret..

  Ms. P’tootbottom, the plantation maid, is eager to travel to her new place of residence and start work just as soon as a customer pays her ‘traveling fee…. She will be bringing her beloved cat, Fiddlesticks. Don’t you fret about Fiddlesticks, he is a well mannered old soul and won’t dirty up your prim nest. I aim to please, so I will also send a lil’ room spray along that calms Fiddlesticks, just in case he sneaks a Hoecake off the breakfast griddle and gets ‘ill as a hornet again.. Lawdy! I sure ‘nuff don’t even want to touch on that subject. Gracious, I almost forgot to let you know Ms. P’tootbottom might get a bit homesick, so I will tuck in a nice framed picture of her and her best friend, Jabeau.

  Alrighty now, a few more hints to ponder about another very special featured item that will be at Primfills. A spell, a jar, a crow, a nest, and some magic beetles….

xox ~Jobeth


  1. Such a delight Jobeth...you are the most talented person I think I know at the moment.
    Your words make me brighten right up and I need that right now.
    Thanks and I'll be anxiously waiting her unveiling.