Saturday, July 10, 2010

P.S. ~One more picture to share.. xoxox

Here is where I decided to hang the lovely Bisket Cakes Recipe Cupboard Print from Karen..
I just adore it so!


  1. I love your site and everything looks so nice that you received in the mail..

  2. Thank you so very much Janet! It was so kind of you to drop by! xox

  3. Oh you are just a little 'treat' you know that!


  4. LOL! Karen! I am just so darn happy with my order from you today! We lost power for a few hours this afternoon when a thunderstorm decided to stomp on by, and I was in such a good mood that I didn't even panic about how long it would take before the central a/c came back on or whether I was going to be able to vacuum the sand and grass by the back door that the children brought in from playing outside, earlier during the morning, while the sun was still out! ha! Now that's happy I must say! xox

  5. Hi Jobeth.. sorry I am responding to your comment you left on my post 2 weeks ago when my husband's plane had the bomb scare. That same day my husband started his 2 weeks vacation and luckily we were DRIVING to West Virginia otherwise we probably wouldn't have gone... lol. First I want to say thank you to your husband for what he is doing for us.. and second I want to say thank you to you.. it does take a special woman to be a military spouse. I have a brother and a cousin over there so I know the sacrificies that are being made. You are a sweetheart and cute as a bug.. lol.. a cute bug. :) Thanks again for posting.

    Big Hugs,