Saturday, July 10, 2010

The mailman never has to ring twice at our home...

That's because I am so excited to see him drive up with a package that I practically knock him over!

Ok, I wanted you'all to know that I was thinking of you as I opened my goodies. Yes! I sure did!
I wanted to make sure you got to share in the fun of opening a package today, just in case the mailman didn't bring one by for you on his rounds....

Are you ready? Here we go!

Isn't this just so lovely! I truly wish you all could have smelled the wonderful lavender sprigs that Karen tucked in! Heavenly!

They make my ears jealous of my nose every time I walk by!
Thank you Karen! My goodness, I was just so excited and thrilled with the sprigs that I forgot I get to still open the 'main event! I was so tickled pink by this time I had to call my husband in from the garage to smell them!

Let'me'tell'ya, this picture I took with my humble lil' camera does not do Karen's adorable print justice. I cannot begin to capture the lovely color of the hand made parchment paper. It is the most lovely warm aged honey color! It truly looks as if it is 100 years old. So delightful! Reading the recipe brought the biggest smile to my face as well! Talk about CHARMING! I am going to pluck out a lil' excerpt  for you- "...then put them upon plates rubbed over with butter, and set them into the oven as fast as you can, and have care you do not bake them too much.." That just melts my heart away its so dang cute!!

I was spoiled with a fabulous surprise from Karen also! One of her 'Twas the night before Christmas cupboard boards! I haven't stopped smiling all day! I was even smiling doing the dinner dishes!

The mailman was very kind to me over the past week and a half. He also brought my order from Cathy! Her cubbies were exactly what I was looking for and so beautiful! I have to share them with you all!

I had my husband hang it on the wall for me. Gosh I love how big it is! The doll sitting on top is 38 inches tall just to give you an idea of how large it is! Cathy did such a gorgeous paint application on it too!

The little wisk broom and the bowl below came with the 2nd cubbie I purchased from Cathy! Aren't they adorable!

I know you all want to see the 2nd cubbie, but I can't forget to mention it also came with an adorable painted saltbox house picture that I have upstairs in the children's den and by golly just realized I forgot to take a picture of it! AHH! I'm sorry! It's just as cute as cute can be too!

Ok, here is the 2nd cubbie below! I have been wanting a little something to put on the counter and keep the children's drink glasses and pop cans all neat and tidy in (so they aren't spread all over the counter)...
You see, my children must use 20 drink glasses throughout the day and I find them all over the counter, and they forget whose is whose ect.. I will admit I am a clean freak... on the verge of OCD'ishly clean freakishly.. my, my, my... So Cathy's cubbie helped me, help the children, keep their beverages tidy on the counter!

Thank you so much Karen and Cathy for making me feel as though it is Christmas in July!
With love,


  1. Well my goodness, I am not exactly sure why I have such large gaps between the pictures and text in my above post. I do apologize for that. I peeked in to edit it, but I seemed to make it worse! lol gosh!

  2. Very cute stuff Jobeth...how do you put your photos in the plain white background? which program do you use? Thanks!

  3. Hello Patti! You know what's funny... That white background is just my plain ole' wall! ha! It does look as though the picture is placed on a white background! I think it was just the goofy flash making everything so stark white.. whew, strange huh!

  4. Hi JoBeth...three posts in one day...YOU GO GIRL!
    You are like the little Energizer Bunny...you just keep going and going and going.

    Your new goodies the mailman brought are wonderful and I'm so happy you were happy with your treasures from me...

    Your cubbies are wonderful...I love the gold one. The use of the long one for the counter is such a great idea and I think will get used by some other bloggers out there! You have given some great uses for it.

    Hugs, Karen

  5. JoBeth, you have the most wonderful way of using words and making people feel special! I am so glad everything arrived safely and that you liked them so.
    Your displays of the cubbies are awsome and much better than my pics! You have wonderful prim ideas. Thanks for sharing them with all of us primmies. Have a great day, Cathy