Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Primfills Giveaway Items!

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Below is a link to the Primfills' Plantation Story xox

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  1. Cute, cute! You have such a sweet little personality Jobeth-the love shines through!
    I'm a follower.
    I'll try and add it to my blog (I'm so challenged sometimes)
    and I guess I better go read a bit about Erma!!!!
    Have a great day.

  2. Hi Jobeth....thanks again for such a delightful post...I almost forgot what the post was about because I was so wrapped up in Erma's story!
    You know I'm a follower that's for sure and I also posted your WEBSITE right at the top on my blog sidebar for all to see...I hope it gets lots of hits.
    So I'll post the Give Away graphic right below it....and I just know you will get lots of viewers.

    Thanks again Jobeth...wish me luck...lol

    Hugs, Karen

  3. Erma, love your story & all the goodies you have created. I would to be entered in your giveaway. I am a follower. Don't know how to add it on my blog though, please forgive.. OLM

  4. Hi Jobeth...I so totally agree with Sheila you definately have a sweet personality and it certainly shines through!! I love your little story sweetie.You have the cutest and most well thought through blogs I have ever seen!!!! You put so much into them!! Cute!! Cute!!! You know I'll post it on my blog And that I am definately a follower !!!Hugs and blessings to you sweetie!!! ...Donna Ohhhh almost forgot to tell you why I think Erma Put those wonderful goodies in a box in the back of the shelf in her closet!!! I think she hid them there so that Stinky ole Cat Would'nt crawl into the box with them..and Stink'em all up!!!!PEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! She really must have to drown that smelly ole thing in her room spray and stuff cotton from the Plantation up her nose just to pet him!!!!!!(Wink..Wink!!!) And after she washes her hands with her lye soap.. bet she runs right for the Dammit Doll..and recites something that might go like this...as she's slamming it !! '' I just got finished fussing with that smelly cat..he stunk so bad I stuck cotton in my nose..and made sure in my nostrils I really had to cram it.Now I'm frustrated cause I cant get the cotton out Dammit,,,Dammit ...DAMMIT!!! LOL!! I know that was sooooooo bad!!!! But that's my story and I'm sticking too it!!!! LOL!!!

  5. Hi Jobeth...thanks for signing up for my giveaway...now I'm going to sign up for yours! I am a follower, will post and love your stories....now on to Erma....She lived in Salem, MA in 1692 and was thought to possess "powers beyond the average person"...On a cold rainy Saturday Erma was caught by the neighbor women as they peered into the rickety olde window, they noticed that she was speaking in a strange language and saying crazy words, especially to the dammitt doll and the gingerbread men....Erma knew that she was being watched so off she went to cook up some black crows for her magic spells. Right before they came to take Erma away for her witch trial, she quickly ran upstairs to the haunted bedroom of her late grandmother, Ethel and hid the little beings way up in the closet, never to be heard of again.....until now for Jobeth's awesome giveaway! Hehe...

  6. OH MY WORD what a Wonderful site you have and what a Fantastic Imagination........and that shows in all of your creations. Way to go Jobeth and good luck with your new site. Please enter me for your great giveaway. Erma hid her things in that closet so just for you!! and the lucky winner!! I have to go back and read again it is just so much fun!! Thank you I am adding your site button to my sidebar!
    The Rusty Thimble

  7. LOL!!! OH You guys are the GREATEST!!
    I just LOVE your ideas as to why Erma stuck her items up on that high shelf in that old box!

    Sheila, gosh thank you! and I'm so excited to see how you like the story!

    Karen, you know how much I just adore you and all the gracious and generous things you have done since you graced my humble little blog here with your thoughtful, loving and kind support. Thank you, truly, for always having my back! xoxo

    Olde Lady Morgan, Thank you so much for dropping over! I am so happy you liked the story! it is always wonderful to make a new friend! xox

    Donna! Oh my gosh I'm lol'ing over here!! (tinkle)hahahaha at the stinky old cat smellin' up the box!! Oh and the little poem, "stunk so bad I stuck cotton in my nose" LOL!! That was so funny!! xoxox

    Patti, Oh I love the spooky twist! Love it! I cannot resist a good ghost story or scary movie, problem is, I am a BIG chicken and won't even go out to the garage at night to finish painting crafts after watching one! I won't even get into how long it took me to get over "Blair Witch Project" ha!

    Brenda, thank you so very much for your kind words, xox Gosh, it would be so nice of Erma to think of me for a change! lol! You have no idea the things I have done for that gal lately! Today I spent an hour soaking a little pair of socks in coffee, vanilla and tea for her and also pricked my sewing finger about a half a' dozen times making little Erma Christmas ornaments!

    I just adore you all so much! Thank you for making my whole night!

    me xox

  8. Jobeth...some things are just meant to happen....like that awesome song!

  9. What a wonderful giveaway Jobeth! Sign me up. I will be posting your giveaway on my bloggy too. LOL. I am not good with stories like you but my guess that she kept them in the box was they all held special memories for her. And whenever she was feeling down she would take them out and relive their memories and emotions they held.

  10. LOL...omg!! I'm gonna be in Salem Mass in October. We are just an hour from there... and we take Kyle for spook week. And were planning on going to see the reinactment of the ''Salem Witch trials'' I'm looking for Erma!!! lol!!!!!And if she does anything to me..Patti..I'm comming for you gf!!!!No better yet .. I'm sending her to your House!!!!!! lol!!And she just might bring that Stinky cat of hers!!

  11. Hi, JoBeth,
    I am loving your blog; very inventive, interesting. I am happy to be a follower. I read Erma's story twice. It is very catchy. I think Erma stole that snotty little Cledith's Dammit doll and hid it in her closet with her little Dolly that loved to swim in the soapy water. Dolly was lonely when Erma went off to play with Jabeau, so Dammit had to become Dolly's friend. Erma was unaware that Dammit had a hex put on her by Ms. DaisyWhisker. She caused everyone she came into contact with to become extremely angry and violent. Dolly got so angry with Dammit.......More coming soon......
    I am posting your link on my sidebar.

    Love your cats.
    ★ Linda ★

  12. Oh my, what a wonderful story and give away! I can't wait to read more. I am a new follower of your blog and I love it! Please enter me in your give away. I think Erma hid those things in a box high on the shelf so that ole cat wouldn't get them. They are for the lucky winner after all!!!

  13. Hi Jobeth
    I have followed for a while and just love reading your blog..just out of reach as I live in the U.K but will gladly post your fab giveaway.. :0)

  14. P.S.
    I know I didn't write a story about Erma....I've already got a gift from you...and that is to know you and read your wonderful blog and view your great gift of writing.
    Hugs, Karen

  15. Oh my goodness you guys, thank you, thank you all for taking the time to come by and leave such thoughtful and wonderful comments! I am so grateful for each one of you! xox

    Gen, Thank you for dropping over! I know you are busy with your own FANTASTIC giveaway and I am so very excited about it! Your idea as to why Erma put her items in a box is so lovely. It reminds me of the big Rubbermaid container I have loaded with all of my children's school projects and papers from past years. xoxo

    Donna! AHH! How EXCITING to go to Salem, Mass. to kick off the Halloween Season! It sounds like so much fun!! Every year I tell myself I want to go to the Colonial Williamsburg haunted tour in Virginia! The drive isn't too bad, but our youngest is 2, and I'm not sure it would be, as they say, 'up his ally! lol! My fingers are crossed for next year though! xox

    Linda, I sure do hope you got my lil' comment over at your lovely blog! Thank you for stopping by! You sure do have a special eye and gift for spotting treasures at yard sales and thrift stores! I love that! Your number 8 crock is such a BEAUTY! xox

    Sandi hi!, Oh I love making new friends, thank you so much for adding me to follow! Absolutely I will add you to the drawing! I wish I could make everyone a winner and not be just one! I am sitting here feeling guilty even! lol! Everyone has been so sweet that I wish I could send you all gifts! I will have to have my husband remind me again that Christmas is coming and with our big family, Santa needs to set a budget or he will be in the poor house LOL!

    Angi hello! Oh I just love the UK! One of my very best friends lives in Darlington. xox I have always said, the very first place I want to travel when all the children are grown is the UK. It's just so beautiful there! xox Thank you, thank you for stopping over! It's so nice to meet you! xox Angi, one of these days I will get to the UK and bring you something from Erma! xox

    Karen, xox You have been there right from the start for me (and Erma lol) I wish there was something that I could do to let you know how much your kindness has meant to me. You know what, from now on, every single chance I get, I'm going to sneak the lil' green basket I have of yours, into Erma's pictures at the website, so you know I'm thinking of you! xox

  16. WHEWWWwwwwwwwwwwwww!! I just about fell off the office chair here, I had been replying back to you all for a little while now, in between cleaning up breakfast dishes and starting laundry. I wanted to make sure I left you all a reply before I had to head out with the kids to the grocery store! Just as soon as I typed my last reply up there to Karen, I hit 'post comment' and BOOM I got the 'internet explorer sorrypagecan'tbefound error and I thought I lost my whole reply! BUT WHEW! there it is up there! Thank goodness! lol! As my 12 year old son says, when something takes him by surprise "YOWZERS, I think I just messed my trousers!"

  17. WOW what a great giveaway! Please add my name to the list of names! I will post this onto my blog!

  18. H JoBeth, You are such a hoot. I love your little story. I'm hooked. I love the little plantation stories and the little twists of the unknown. You are a very very talented lady. So looking forward to the coming chapters. I have to agree that I think Erma is hiding her little things, that each have a special meaning or memory for her. I almost hate that you are giving them away. But, please enter me and should I win I will take very special care of them for her. Being a cat lover the little of button is just toooooo cute. I'm new at this blogging but I'll give it my best shot at posting you on my page. God bless you, your hubby and your family.
    Y'all take care,
    Linda - Dry Creek Primitive Peddler

  19. Leslie, Hi and thank you for popping over! I am on my way right now to peek in at your place! lol

    Linda, I stopped over and left you a lil' comment, I know you have been so very busy with the remodel that you haven't had a chance to work on your blog much lately, but don't you worry, I know it will be wonderful!
    P.S. I brought in the mail, fed the cats, and gave your plants on the porch a waterin' before I left your blog, so everything is just fine! You concentrate on that remodel of yours and we will be here waiting for you when you have some blog time!

    Maureen, (hi Maureen!) from macbasketspa' emailed me and is having just an awful time with her google-sign in thingy and her profile icon. I wanted to make sure I left her a lil' hello here at the giveaway! :)

  20. Hi Jobeth,,,just wanted to let ya know I left ya a message on FB there toots!!!

  21. Hi Donna: just saw your message to me over here....I am soooo jealous that you are going to Salem...One day I will make it there...not too far from my house....6ish hours only...have a great time!

  22. Hey!
    I LOVE your name .....(i am Beth my husband is Joey...we thought about that name for our first child...but he turned out to a Joseph III LOL !)

    Love your giveaway....please include me and I will post it on my badly neglected blog!
    We need to plan a NC Prim-girls Gathering.....(in cooler weather) Wouldn't that be fun???

  23. I would love to be entered in this giveaway. I am a follower and posted this giveaway on the sidebar of my blog. http://cmsphotoblog.blogspot.com/

    And... I bet she put those items there to hide them from Fiddlesticks the cat. I know my cats are always getting into my treasures.

  24. Jobeth~

    I would love to be entered in your generous giveaway! I will post about it on my blog. I really enjoy visiting your blog and plan on catching up on Little Erma.

    I hope that you family has been doing okay in these difficult days. I have been thinking about you all a lot!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  25. JoBeth, I love Erma's story. I think I could have lived there myself...........as long as I could have fiddlesticks! My theory here is that Erma hid those goodies just for fiddlesticks. I think she loved that stinky ol' cat so much that she thought she'd better stash some dough and pantry goodies away in case his mousing turned up short one day... and his lil tummy was a growlin' after they tucked under for the night.
    Yes, there was always some for that poor ol' Fustybutton who couldn't catch a mouse if it bit him in the toot bottom. Ya know I'm a follower for sure and there's a link to your give away on my side bar. Please have a wonderful day and get busy writin' chapter 3 will ya. ~~~~Hugs, Cathy~~~~

  26. Hello, Your story was so good I want to read more. I think she hid her items because even thought she was friends with Cledith Snippypinch, the plantation’s owners daughter. Cledith thought that because she was rich that she was intitled to everything even poor Erma's treasures. I am also a follower and put your giveaway on my blog, (well I hope I did I'm not sure how to do this) can anyone help me? Thanks for entering me in your giveaway I love your site it is so interesting. Can't wait to read more of your story. Debbie

  27. What a awesome giveaway...
    I'm a follower..
    I will put this on my sidebar on my blog..
    I btet she put the box on the shelf to hide it from fiddlesticks...heheheee...
    love your blog
    Prim hugs

  28. Hi Jobeth! Wonderful blog! I am a follower!
    I think she put those tings in the back of the closet to save them for her descendents!!

  29. Oh my goodness what'a weekend! Hello friends!
    I have exciting news, just a few hours ago, my brother (who lives in Washington state) and his wife Jody, welcomed their first child into the world! A daughter! Their sweet lil' bundle of kisses weighed over 11 pounds and was 22 inches long! I guess she is more of a sweet Big 'ole wonderful bundle of kisses! lol! I am so excited to see pictures of her! Right now they are still deciding on her name (lol!) and just as soon as they decide, they are sending us all picture on our cells to announce! I'm so excited! whew! Our family has gotten a kick out of the 'not quite knowing for sure what they want to name her' -they wanted to be able to look into her little face and then decide from their list of names they love. She has been affectionately known by the initials, T.B.D., "To be determined" ha! xox

    Beth! Hello! Oh I got such a kick out of your story (of your husband being 'Joey and you Beth) and that you played with the idea of calling your first born 'Jobeth' for a girl and being blessed with a 'Joseph' the 3rd! LOL! Oh yes, I agree! One of these days we will have to plan a N.C. prim gals convention! LOL! yay!

    Chelsea hi! xox Thank you so much for your comment and dropping over! I enjoyed your thoughts about Erma's box! I bet you're right about Fiddlesticks! ha! Cats are just so curious aren't they!

    Dan! It's so wonderful to see you! Thank you so much for keeping my family in your thoughts. xoxo Gosh, today it seems the sun has peeked out from the dark clouds and brought a lil' joy with the birth of my neice. xox Dan, you know what I was thinking, so many friends here think Erma hide her box to keep the cats out of it - if Erma had mini schnauzers, she would have had to find a much better hiding place, due to how smart they are! They would have found that box years ago when they were searching for their hidden Christmas presents! ha! We have a black mini named Juicy! (her akc registered name is 'Miss Juicy Loves Couture') lol!! She couldn't be sweeter and LOVES wearing dresses!! lol!

    Cathy! Hi! Ohhhh me too! I could have lived there as well! I think that is what I sort of imagine when I'm writing the story. I think about the bare wooden floors and how they would feel on the bottom of my feet even! lol The smells of the kitchen... The spiderwebs in the old barns.. Cathy I am so there! ha!
    Thanks so much for dropping over! It is always so nice to see you!

    Debbie hi! Oh my gosh I'm so excited to put chapter 3 up! I just finished it! I am hoping to get it up within the next few days. I can't wait for you to meet Erma' Great Grandmammy! She is the loving ghost who floats around the plantation, making sure her loved ones are cared for. She is busy at night, floating in and out of the rooms, making sure candles are blown out. xoxo

    Donna! Thank you so much for dropping over and saying hello! Ohhh that curious ole' Fiddlesticks very well could be the reason! You know, if she would have hid it under her bed, that would have been the first place Fiddlesticks would have looked.

    Debra! Hello! What a great thought about Erma! You know, I guess that means who ever wins the box full of Erma's things, will be family from now on huh! lol xoxo Thank you for stopping over!

    Whew! I am almost afraid to hit the 'post comment' button because I have my wiggley, giggley, 2 year old on my lap and I have been competing with him over the keyboard! ha! I just know my comment will be filled with kooky typos! Please forgive me! lol! xoxo

  30. Hi Jobeth, I did it!!!! I did it!!!! I am now a follower.
    must have been an awful spell cast over my computer.Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! I just love your blog and the story is too awesome. The giveaway is fabulous. I would love to be entered. Now let me tell you what I think about the box in the closet. Emma put the box in the closet on a high shelf to stir some much needed life into old Fusty Bottom. But much to her surprise it is Mr. Snippypinch's curosity that got piqued and he will be the on comming back to snatch up the treasures. He will also be, surprising you by being the one in the random number generator thing"a"ma"bobber picking out the number of the winner!!!!!!!!!!!!SCARY things going on in blogland and at the plantation....Hope Mr Snippypinch picks me............ Maureen

  31. Me again Jobeth...I come back here every so often to read the comments....they are fantastic...you are going to have such a difficult time with this one kiddo....unless the ole random picker does it for you!

    I do hope you copy all these comments down and save them or put them in a story someday - they are great!!!

    I FBooked you but CONGRATULATIONS on the birth of TBD...lol


  32. Hi Jobeth, Just thought I'd tell ya that I did write Erma but somehow it got changed to Emma, and the i in curiosity is missing....Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm is someone lurking in blogland and changing things around.....August (FRIDAY) the 13th should prove to be rather interesting here and on the plantation!!!!!!! LOL!!! Maureen
    macbasketspa@aol.com P.S. Looking forward to the next chapter.

  33. Hey Jobeth, your English teacher must have loved you when it came time to write stories! They are wonderful!! I would love to be entered in your most generous giveaway. Thanks for the chance.


  34. Hi Jobeth, I love this blog! You are so creative :)
    I would love to be entered in your giveaway, but I feel like getting to read Erma's story is a prize in itself! And of course she had to tuck her treasures up on that shelf because prissypants Cledith would take them on her if she didn't hide them! (And let's face it Erma needs that dammit doll for after the cleaning.)
    I added your giveaway to the sidebar on my blog that I am very new at, with only a few followers and maybe a few lurkers. :)

  35. Hi, I am now a follower and will post on my blog. I love your story. I believe Erma hid them there because this was the one place grammy and her shared. Memories are all she had left of her. Please put me in the drawing. Thank you for such a wonderful story. I will be back to read more as you add to it.

  36. Hi Jobeth! What a cute lil story!! I think Erma just hid all these treasures away because they reminded her of her Grand Mammy, who she adored and loved with all her heart and misses her terribly.
    I am now a follower and I will post your giveaway on my side bar!!
    Have a wonderful day and I look forward to the next chapters!!! :0)

  37. Hi friends! My goodness there is only a couple of days left! yay! I have been busy making a lil' special surprise to sneak into the package of giveaway goodies for the happy winner! On Friday, after I announce the winner, I will personalize the special surprise and send the package on it's merry little way!

    Maureen! Hello! Oh you gave me a chuckle! I think you must of caught the typo bug from me! I am always checking and rechecking for them, but they always sneak in! whew!

    Judy hi! Aww well gosh, thank you! You want to know a little secret? My favorite teacher was my Home Economics teacher - Mrs. Hilton! Gosh she was fantastic! I was also such a lucky kid to have her as my Interior Design teacher!
    Boy Howdy, I loved that class! xoxo

    Libbies Home! Why Thank you for such kind words! My goodness you spoiled me with such thoughtful compliments! I will make sure to think of you as I add more chapters! xox

    Teresa hello! You got it! You are added! yay!

    Wendy! hi! I bet everything would be right at home in your cozy yellow house! I bet I would be right at home as well! Wendy thanks so much for your kind comment! I am excited for Friday! xox P.S. While growing up, my very best friend in the worlds name was Wendy!

  38. Luv yur riting, pweese entre me in yur
    awsum drawin! Imma sine up ta folla
    ya round..:) Imma put thisa heer on
    me blog, too....Thank ye kinely.

    Beeg Bare Hugs~Karen

  39. Oh my I did furget ta say Erma puts hur
    thangs in dat box ta keep em safe from
    thievin scoundrels!