Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Halloween is in the air!

Getting started on a few fun lil' Halloween blocks for
our upcoming Halloween Open House.

Don't ya just love little Halloween mice!

The first of many Halloween trees..
I think I have silicon dipped more grubby
Halloween light strands
then Santa sees on Christmas! Whew!
You can find these great "BOO" printables over at
The Graphics Fairy -blog!
Aren't they neat!
What to do, what to do.
I need to start spookin' up cabinets!

The first prim pumpkins I ever made..
so many long years ago!

The first of many batches of room sprays for
our Halloween Open House..
Oh my gosh, even my children smell like
Halloween from testing them! ha!

Gettin' tons of little tables made too!

Oodles of peg racks.. Big..

and small...

Snowmen ghosts!
All you have to do is remove their
spooky cheesecloth after Halloween and BAM!
You're all set for winter! ha!

Stockings & more stockings...

I have about 20 cats ready for the Open House..
My goodness, they are tucked everywhere!
Chubby, thin, short, long & tall...
All different shapes and sizes,
The same way I love my friends to be!

I think this one smells the new pantry cakes
with tin candle holders that
I have bakin' in the oven right now..

When I go out to the garage,
I have a ton of smiling pumpkins lookin' at me..
They are waiting to come into the house..
...and a few waiting to be painted..
They make me a lil' nervous!
Thank you for kindly stopping over
to visit with me!
I will be adding more pictures as I
tweak the house for the wonderful
Fall season!
With love,

P.S. Here is the link for those super cute
BOO printables!
I added white glitter to the white areas
for a little sparkle!


  1. Those are some great Halloween goodies! I love your first pumpkins you ever made, they are so cool!

  2. Jobeth....I LOVE EVERYTHING!!! Your open house will be a HUGE success!!!

  3. Oh Jobeth!!
    What amazing fabulous Halloween goodies!!!!
    I loved everything!!!

  4. Hi Jobeth...just love all your goodies...esp that lil side table, first prim punkins and peg boards. Do you have a booth or a shop somewhere??

  5. oh my gosh, Jobeth...I just went through your website...just so unique and wonderful....loooove the stories and characters!!!

  6. What awesome Halloween things! Love the pumpkins!

  7. Jobeth, I take it you love Halloween! I think your prim pumpkins have to been the neatest I've seen yet! So different with the long curly stems! I've been working on one of my trees for Halloween and making some ornies to put on it. Thanks for the "BOO" idea! You're a very talented, energetic gal!

  8. I LOVE the little ghostie snowmen! So cute!

  9. I love all of the Halloween decorations especially the stockings! I hope you are having a wonderful week!


  10. Everything is just awesome Jobeth... I love the Pumpkins...And your convertable Halloween Ghost!!! TOOOOOO CUTE!!! I am not one that decorates for Halloween sweetie ,,, but you do it soooooooooooooooo well. My ave time of year is Christmas for decorateing... but what's funny is I am a real Scrooge.. I hate everything else that goes with Christmas.. the shopping in the Crowded stores..the nasty people the whole nine yards!!! Oh And love the crow stockings too!!lol!!

  11. I just went to the Plantation hon ..love everything you have for sale .You are so talented..I love the way you did the whole story line etc,,, cute cute gf!!

  12. Oh how fantastic....you always blow me over with your creativity!
    I love your 'older' pumpkins - and the snowman ghost...how adorable...lol he makes me giggle.
    Hugs, Karen