Saturday, June 26, 2010

Finicky's cubbies just melted my heart away!

  This evening I just had to share a few pictures of the goodies I purchased over at The Finicky Feline Selling Blog. My goodness, Cathy is such a pleasure! I just know if ya’ took a peek over at her place you would be fallin’ in love with something that you just had to have. That is exactly what happened to me. Cathy couldn’t be nicer, and is so very quick to respond with shipping quotes and email questions. If you happen to drive by my house and see a little face plastered against one of the front windows, don’t worry, it’s just me waiting for the mailman to drop off my new cubbies….

P.S. I was just wondering, which one of you all is eating popcorn or having a big bowl of strawberry ice cream? It's almost 10:30pm down here in North Carolina, and since a few of us are still up, I know one of us has to be snacking on something delicious!
 xox ~Jobeth


  1. Hi,
    It'a always nice to visit a blogger from my neck of the woods. I love those cubbies, forget make up and girdles I haven't even looked for a bra since I got home from work on Friday. Stay cool and I really enjoyed my visit here.


  2. Thanks for mentioning me on your blog. Trying to dig up a box large enough for that one cubby! They'll be there soon! Cathy

  3. ommmmmmmmmgoodness! lol! I love your blog!
    Saw a lil post on it over at My Colonial Home and had to stop on by.
    Too fun! :)
    Loved your pictures!

  4. You seem to be my 'enjoyment' these days...I come here when I want to be entertained and also learn something...what a special gal you are.

    I must go visit Cathy at her selling blog - your new treasure that will be arriving soon is wonderful - show us when it arrives!

    Hugs, Karen