Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just a little somethin' me and my sewing machine worked on today...

A dining room chair slipcover...

I spent the morning primin' up a dining room slipper chair. Sometimes you can find really great deals on these type of chairs from Pottery Barn or Pier 1..
They just need a little farm fresh makeover is all!

You know us prim folks' - we just love us a good chair!

Oh Lawdy, I have some more goodies to post tonight!
The wonderful Bisket Cakes Recipe Cupboard Print I purchased from Karen ( My Colonial Home ) arrived!
It is truly the most charming treasure ever! She prints it on her very own handmade parchment paper!
The paper is truly gorgeous! It looks as though it is 100 years old. The wording of the recipe will just warm your heart and make you smile! I just simply love it! You all need to grab one before Karen gets tired of makin' that beautiful parchment paper! I can't wait to also share the surprise she tucked in there for me!
Golly, I was a spoiled gal today!

I also want to share pictures of the lovely cubbies I purchased from Cathy! ( The Finicky Feline )
Oh my gosh, I adore them and they were exactly what I needed!

Whelp, I better get a'move on! There is a thunderstorm rollin' in and I have to make sure my little ones have their yard toys all picked up!

With love,


  1. How cute! I just checked out your website. You have some great goodies in there!

  2. Jobeth-
    the chair is just darling! I love the way it turned out. Cathy sure has some neat things on her site and can't wait to see the treasure from Karen!
    Blessings to you and yours~
    http://countryimpressions.blogspot.com (selling blog)

  3. Hi JoBeth...your chair is adorable...I like the pillow sitting on it too...the verse is too cute.

    Thanks for the wonderful 'advertisement' LOL
    I'm anxious to see just what you did with your wonderful treasures.

    Hugs, Karen